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Author Faye The Fairy

Mission in life - Keeping Magic Real

Preschool Toddler Skills & learning at the Magic Garden Ojai. Childcare for nature lovers

Faye Wrote Fezzy - Mini Bio for mini people

Faye wrote Fezzy for all children to enjoy. She is a is a human girl not a Fox, but just like Fezzy she is a magical creature. She likes to write stories, play in the ocean & think about things quietly. She also likes chocolate. She will write more stories for you if you are good! Here is a poem about her life...

Once upon a time, in a land far away... A little girl was born and her parents named her Faye.

She was warm and fun, like a lovely ray of sun... as well as brilliant and kind, a real treasure to find. 

But as we all know, children get boring when they grow... And sure as night turns to day, becoming a grown up got in her way. 

She worked really hard in her job everyday... It wasn't what she loved, but she got great pay. 

Then one day she figured something out... Money is not what life should be all about..

She packed up her bags and got on a flight... She went so far away, it took her all night.

In this new land there was fun to be found... She was so happy to have it a second time around. 

From that day forward, Faye had vowed... She would think like a kid and always be proud. 

Now she writes books about magic and fun... Her life is so happy living under the sun. 

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