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Story Telling

Fezzy There Magical Fox© & Friends

Story telling is such a huge part of how we learn about the world in which we live and how to navigate it successfully. That is why, here at the Magic Garden, we use Story Time to launch learning everyday. Those who join us for Play School are guided and supported by a wonderful team of care-givers and a magical cast of creatures, popping out of the pages of action packed, consciously curated books.

Faye wrote Fezzy The Magical Fox© and all her other activity books as a practical resource & invitation to play...


Play School

We invite wonder into the everyday here at the Magic Garden Play School. Tasks big and small take on a whole new meaning when we are searching for magic. We sing our song to start the day, then come 3 invitations of play, chosen from the many color curriculum activities. Art in the Garden, Story Yoga, Baby Zen Sound Bath's and much more take place every week. Read on to learn more...



Baby Zen Sound Bath

Story Time | Singing

Nature Play | Nature Treasures 

Story Yoga | Magic Meditation

Art in the Garden | Sensory Play

Fun with Fezzy Fox | First Phonics

ABC + 123 Crafts | Dance Party


A day in the life of a Play Schooler

8.45 AM


Explore the garden, run around or just settle in for 15 minutes of Play School. Kicking off the day with Nature Time.

09.00 AM

Song & Circle

Faye sings the Magic Garden Song to signal the start of our day & we sit together in circle time to say Hello

10.00 AM

Classes Begin

We have 3 invitations to play each day. Children may partake in the activity or opt for supervised & supported free play.

11.00 AM

Snack Time

We sit together for snack time while we initiate "I wonder" conversations, critical thinking & problem solving.

1 PM

Lunch Time

We choose a comfy spot to eat our packed lunches & talk about what goes in to producing the food we eat.

1.30 PM

Nap Time

Some of our little learners are ready to nap after lunch, whereas others are raring to go for round 2! We have provision for both.


Your little one is precious to us too...

Class Hotline

Call us anytime on our dedicated day care phone.

Eco Minded

We are a chemical free, organic environment.

CPR Certified

TB Clearance & all other licensing requirements met.


Our Team is CPR trained & vetted.

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The Space

The Magic Garden offers a large gated extensively planted garden & play space, yoga deck, serenity sand pit, and a 500 sqft dedicated indoor space with 2 small dedicated sleep rooms fitted with cribs and nursing chairs for mama. There is also a work area for parents who want to stay, work, be creative and play. Tea & Coffee are offered on Tue mornings to encourage community.

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