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If you are interested in an Allotment here at the Magic Garden which includes Membership to our drop off toddler play school and infant nursery please email us to book a tour. We are a small Play School with space for 6 children per day.  4 and 2 day drop off options available. 

    Allotment Fee

    We offer drop off care for families who wish to be involved in our community.  Membership to the Magic Garden Ojai Play School is free for Allotment holders. Your Monthly Allotment fee covers your ground plot or planter rental & all materials needed for your little explorer to dig, plant, play and grow all year round here at Play School. 

    Full Allotment

    All Play School Classes

    Mon - Thu 08.45am-2.45pm 

    $2222 monthly

    Morning Allotment

    Morning Play School Classes

    Mon - Thu 08.45am-12.30pm

    $1500 monthly

    Half Week Allotment

    Half of our Play School Classes

    Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu

    08.45am - 2.45pm

    $1200 monthly 

    We mirror the local school year & offer 10 months of drop off care; Sep - June followed by a Summer Camp here on site in July before our Summer Vacation. Pick up time is sharp. 


    Email us to request a class list, schedule and brochure or to book your tour


    What is it?

    An allotment, or in North America, a community garden, is a plot of land made available for individual, non-commercial gardening or growing food plants, so forming a kitchen garden away from the residence of the user. Wikipedia

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