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A note from Faye

"Hi there, my name is Faye & I am the director of the Magic Garden Ojai. I am originally from England & have lived here in California for the past 8 years. I have two little ones of my own; Blaise & Belle. When I was ready to go back to work this time around, I decided the best place for my children's classes was right here in the magic of our own garden. We have a dedicated 500sq ft indoor space, consciously designed for little hearts & minds to grow in love. Our English Country inspired garden is planted with drought tolerant native plants & flowers ready for exploration & wonder."


"I adore working with children & enjoy learning with them about the world. I have authored several children's mindfulness books & use story telling to teach problem solving skills, mindful movement, mini meditations & emotional intelligence development classes. I am a certified meditation teacher & sound therapist, with 7 years of experience leading both children's and adult classes in local studios, schools and as a Tinkergarten teacher in LA. I am a former British Army Captain &  enjoy blending practical leadership & nature craft skills with silliness, play & rhyme as the foundation of the color curriculum. My passion is caring for Mother Earth & developing a love for nature in the hearts & minds of our next generation of little leaders."


Coming Soon!

Check back in next week to see all of our lovely Magic Garden Nannies with bios. Here is the very lovely Juliet with Play Schoolers Arlo & Belle in the Play Room 

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Gold Leaf

Fezzy The Magical Fox©

Who wrote the book about magic?

Fezzy the Magical Fox at Magic Garden Ojai


Job - Magical Fox

Fezzy has been a magical fox for over 6 years now!. Before that he was an adventurer. He is currently off following his heart on a new adventure. He will tell you all about it when it's done.

Play School Director Faye at Magic Garden Ojai


Job - Writes Things

Faye is a magical human who is lucky enough to know Fezzy. Because Fezzy is a fox, and cannot write, Faye wrote his story down for him so you could see it. Faye writes lots of things when she isn't in the forest with Fezzy.

Fezzy the Magical Fox illustrator Astrid


Job - Draws Things

Fezzy is a great dancer, but not the best at drawing. When Faye was writing down Fezzy's adventures she thought it might be nice to have pictures too. She asked Astrid to draw them. Faye, Astrid and Fezzy became good friends.

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