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What’s New With Fezzy?

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Fezzy's Adventure Continues...

Who is he meeting now?

Fezzy had so much fun on his first adventure meeting Twiglet the piglet, Bitsy Butterfly and the rest of the crew. Now he has decided to continue his journey of learning. Join Fezzy's Fanclub to find out more about his new adventures... Ask one of your adults to help you.

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Learn How To Be Magical Like Fezzy...

You can be magical too

Fezzy found so much magic on his adventure. Do you want to be magic too? You can be, it's easy. Ask one of your adults to help you learn how, they have all the secrets you need to know to light up all the magic there is, just like Fezzy.

Fezzy's Workshop

Most Magical Fezzy Fan Award


Every month Fezzy and the crew choose a super fan who has learnt some Fezzy magic and is using it everyday at home or school. Just email Fezzy with your name, age and what magic you use for your chance to win a special prize.

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