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To The Magic Garden Play School

We are a traditional English Play School located in Oak View, California. Our co-operative drop off childcare is available Mon - Thu from 08.45am - 2.45pm with 4 different sign up options; 4 days per week, 2 days per week or 4 & 2 short days per week. Learn more & book a tour by emailing us

"We are more than just a play school; We are curating a village of support and we invite you to be part of the community."
- MGO Director Faye

We offer play based learning grounded in our Color Curriculum which is specifically designed to help develop balanced emotional intelligence in our early learners. Classes include Story Time, Baby Zen Sound Bath, Nature Play, Story Yoga, Art in the Garden, "I wonder" conversations & much more. Classes are an invitation to play, with gentle guidance and support from teachers in order to create the conditions for our little leaders to choose what they feel like exploring on any given day.

Magic Garden Toddler Play School & infant nursery childcare

Book Classes

Pay for the full season or individual classes here or via Venmo


April 26th class is Baby Zen Sound Bath.

Class Description.

Sensory Stimulation Sound therapy that can balance left & right brain in addition to feeling soothing for the nervous system & clearing for the mind. Relaxing for parent/caregiver & children alike.

Class is 1 hour long then you could take a lovely neighborhood stroll to the farm if you wish. 11am until noon.

Each week of the season we have a new class offering including; Gardening, mud play, music sound baths, art in the garden, story yoga, nature crafts, story time. For Baby Zen Sound Bath week...

We start with interactive sensory sound play then evolve towards a more traditional sound bath. This class is more about being & less about doing for grown ups... Let your littles lead you while I play instruments for you. We offer Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, Gongs, Elemental Koshi Chimes, Ocean Drum, Tuning Forks.


Welcome to the Magic Garden. A place for little hearts & minds to grow.

"Better than a day at Ojai Valley Inn ? It’s close.

For all the mamas & papas with kiddos under 4 looking for a chill/calming/tranquil place in Ojai. The Magic Garden will transform you. I get so rejuvenated after spending some one-on-one time with my toddler at Faye’s. From restful observation, to vigorous yoga and exploration in sound, it feels like she offers something for everyone to take away in the many quaint classes she puts on. The moment you leave your “stuff” at the enchanting gates, you will fill yourself up with gratitude."

Nicole W - Local Ojai Mama


Book a weekday tour of The Magic Garden Ojai by emailing Faye 


The Magic Garden Ojai is the home of Fezzy The Magical Fox© Story Time

Preschool activities at the Magic Garden Ojai. Drop off child care

Opening Hours

Play School

Mon - Thu: 8.45am - 2.45pm
Fri - 11am - Noon (Seasonal)

Ethos & Values

Do as you will but harm none is at the heart of our ethos here at the Magic Garden Ojai. Developing wonder for nature & curiosity for life is our mission; and our core values are built on the 3 pillars of love, care and respect. We are a judgment free village of support.

Childcare Values at the Magic Garden

The Magic Garden Merch

Step into The Forest of Possibility


Hardback Book

Fezzy The Magical Fox©

available at the 

Magic Garden Ojai

or online at Amazon



Fezzy Fox Yoga Poses

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